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Liu Youjin Send "Friendship" Mooncakes, Foreigners Feel "Reunion" Warmth

Publishing time:2015-11-29 viewer:


    "In Chinese people
's way, let foreigners spend a 'Chinese tasted' Mid-Autumn Festival and feel warmth from China." On the afternoon of September 25th, vice president liuyoujin represented our university sending Mid-Autumn mooncakes to 11 foreign teachers and students in the conference room 108 of international education floor and wished them holiday greeting

    "Moon, moon cake circle, means 'reunion'." Liu Youjin explained the connotation of Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival to foreign students and teachers in order to deepen their understanding of Chinese traditional culture and make them have faster and better understanding of China, which can help them integrate into the campus. Liu expressed his heartfelt thanks to all of them, under their efforts, multicultural and harmonious campus blend thicker, He proposed that our university will continue to devote every efforts to foreign students and teachers on the life and teaching services, and repeatedly stressed that "international education floor is the home of foreigners, where we reunited!

    Subsequently, Liu send
mooncakes to foreign students and teachers. "Thank you!” Juan Antonio took the mooncake with eyes full of joy. Juan Antonio from Africa Equatorial Guinea, in early September, he and his cousin went to our university across the seas to learn Chinese language.
this reunion day, eighteen-year-old siblings fell a little lonely and miss their family, and they also admitted that with everyone here they feel warmth of home. Juan Antonio held a Chinese moon cake, with bent eyes and a row of white teeth, said that "moon cake, mooncake, delicious.

    Kawasaki Aiko is
a Japanese teacher in our university, she pinched fingers computing, "I have come to China 20 days." Kim told reporters that Japan call full moon day as the "month see Section”, food of holiday as “month see dumpling". White dumpling is made by sticky rice. She said, "Romans, Chinese moon cake are alike and when they eat mooncakes together he has the feeling of home."

    (Translated by Hou Zhiying)