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HNUST Won the Team Champion in the Dancesport Championship

Publishing time:2017-12-06 viewer:

2017 Hunan College Student Dancesport Championship was held in HNUST from Nov.17 to Nov. 18. After two days of intense competition, team of HNUST led by Hu Binliang, Party Secretary from School of Physical Education, and trained by four teachers, Zheng Dongxia, Zhou Yali, Yuan Yi and Li Yanranked number one among college student groups.
The contest, divided into three groups—college group, school group and higher vocational group, covered 142 competitions and 30 sports events. 420 athletes from 25 universities attended the contest. At last, HUNST won the champion with 13 gold medals, 14 silver medals and 6 bronze medals.
Team of HNUST has been all along competitive in Hunan and is reported to have yielded good results for its outstanding performances in recent national contests. All these achievements would be impossible without the hard work of leaders, trainers and players themselves. As the host university of the event this year, the leaders of School of Physical Education highly emphasizedthe contest and invested a lot of energy.
The theme “Forging Ahead, Pursuing Dreams and Dancing for Youth” of the contest spreads the spirit of Dancesport in various ways and popularizes it among college students in Hunan. Furthermore, the charm of sports has been shown in the contest, encouraging university students to cultivate good habits of exercise.
(Translated by Dai Li, Yu Ling)