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Meeting on “Teaching Inspection Week” Held by the International Education College

Publishing time:2017-12-06 viewer:

In order to strengthen exchanges between teachers and students and improve teaching quality, the International Education College held two meetings on the afternoon of November 7th and on the evening of 16th in the meeting room 208 for overseas students and teachers of the School respectively, which was in line with the theme of the Teaching Inspection Week---“Reflection and Improvement”.
Zhang Ruihong, the Dean of the International Education College, presided over the teachers’ meeting which Wang Jing, Secretary of Party General Branch, all teachers of language curricula and teachers of Chinese curricula attended.
During the meeting, the Dean Zhang Ruihong expressed her gratitude to all teachers’ hard work and dedication. She noted that the meetings on “Teaching Inspection Week” would become routine work of the International Education College. Relevant meetings should be held to enhance communications between administrators and teaching staff for the purpose of ensuring the improvement of teaching quality.
Secretary Wang summarized the teaching work of this School. She required that all teachers should be strict with the class attendance and discipline to make sure teaching process conducted in an orderly manner. She also emphasized that teachers cannot change class schedule personally, but make adjustment according to corresponding rules and regulations.
During the meeting, teachers shared their class managerial experience freely, and proposed some constructive suggestions on the education of overseas students. They eagerly hoped such meeting would be held frequently in order to draw on excellent teaching experience from each other and have a comprehensive understanding of their students.
The students’ meeting was organized by teacher Wang Zhifei, and student representatives from various countries such as Kyrgyz, Laos, Russia, Thailand and Poland attended the meeting. The overseas students shared their views and feelings about the classes with great enthusiasm.
Translated by Chen Meijun, Yu Ling