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Governor Xu Dazhe Leads a Delegation to HNUST

Publishing time:2018-12-05 viewer:

On November 26th, Governor of Hunan Province Xu Dazhe, led a delegation to HNUST, accompanied by Mayor of Xiangtan City Tan Wensheng and Vice Mayor Liu Yongzhen, as well as HNUST President Li Bochao, Party Secretary Liu Deshun and other major relevant leaders of HNUST who gave work reports on how HNUST runs to delegates.
Governor Xu Dazhe first visited Hunan Provincial Key Laboratory of High Efficiency Precision Machining for Refractory Materials and Hunan Provincial Key Laboratory of Health Maintenance for Mechanical Equipment, and heard the report about the laboratory’s research direction, projects, construction goals, research capabilities, as well as the undertaken projects and other relevant information.
Then, in the National and Local Joint Engineering Laboratory of Exploration and Mining Equipment and Safety Technology for Marine Mineral Resources, Xu listened to the work report by Professor Wan Buyan, the leader of “Hainiu” project, and watched the video about “Hainiu”. Then he learned that the overall technology of "Hainiu" has reached the international advanced level, among which coring technology, average coring rate, operational efficiency and others are at the international leading level, with great excitement and encouragement. It is expected that HNUST will continue to strengthen the R&D of new technologies, take full advantage of "Hainiu" and make greater contributions to the exploration and mining of seabed resources in China.
After that, in Vehicle Training Center, Xu paid a visit to Weixin Racing Team’s independent designed-and-manufactured formula car of HNUST, made an inquiry of the operation process and troubles they encountered, gave recognition for students’ achievement, and encouraged students to study hard, reinforce professional foundation, and gain greater process.
During the visit, Xu stressed that HNUST should, following the policy, highlight the characteristics of discipline, and foster excellent professionals for the construction and development of China. Besides, it is required that the school should not only cultivate patriotic students, but highlight their professional and innovative qualities.
Meanwhile, Xu believed that it was not easy for HNUST to achieve these accomplishments, and it would achieve more improvements with efforts. And he considered that HNUST should make contributions to the construction of innovative country and innovative Hunan. At present, Hunan is vigorously implementing the strategy of innovation-led opening up and striving to promote the construction of innovation-oriented province. HNUST should carry out scientific and technological innovation in the course of economic and social development, the major needs of the country and the forefront of international science and technology. Furthermore, it should, with innovation as driving force of high-quality development, train a large number of high-level technical professionals for Hunan.
Finally, Governor Xu Dazhe pointed out that HNUST, as a university jointly built by People’s Government of Hunan Province and the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defence, PRC, should consistently make best of its disciplinary advantages, promote the integration of military and civil affairs in depth, focus on solving the problems posed by China being constrained by other countries in technology, improve the ability of R&D and innovation, so as to further develop its own characteristics.
(Translated by Song Dan)