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HNUST Holds Ceremony to Mark the Centenary of May Fourth Movement

Publishing time:2019-05-09 viewer:

On April 29th, a ceremony to mark the centenary of May Fourth Movement was held in South Campus Club of HNUST, attended by representatives of relevant departments of HNUST, Deputy Party Secretary and Secretary of the School Youth League Committee, and representatives of teachers and students. At the ceremony, Liu Deshun, Party Secretary of HNUST, Li Bochao, President of HNUST, and other leaders honored the award-winning units and individuals.
This ceremony consisted of two parts: May Fourth Commending Ceremony and Artistic Performance. During the ceremony, Liu pointed out that we would continue to strive for the “Double First-rate” target, implement the inspection and rectification work, and integrate the resources of HNUST’s anniversary, and hoped that students have firm ideals and convictions, study hard, be devoted to innovation and creation, and strive to be a youth with ambition, knowledge and ability.
President Hu then awarded eight outstanding organizations and individuals. Wu Yurong, awardee of the May Fourth Youth Medal, won the applause from the audience for a speech in a determined tone, which showed her perseverance.
On the artistic performance, students from the School of Arts displayed their singing and dancing. The audience was attracted by their energetic smiles. On the other hand, performers from the School of Physical Education showed us an international dance, fully displaying the vitality of the younger generation. Crosstalk performed by Renren Music Art Society told a story about a soldier protecting his family and defending his country. In the humorous dialogues contained a soldier’s deep affection for his motherland.
Liu Zhaoyue, a senior student from the School of Architecture and Art Design, shared his learning experience. In the past four years, he has been studying hard and got the top grade in his major, earning national scholarships and receiving admission letters from 7 key universities in China. He said, “Life is like a journey through desert. Some keep on moving forward, break through the limit, and finally find the oasis that prolongs their lives, whereas others stay stagnant, pitifully apologizing for taking their lives lightly.”
The ceremony dropped the curtain after representatives of each school displayed the song A New Happiness Start. “This event is a wonderful feast for us, and the excellent senior students have set good examples for the rest of us. We are the lucky ones who live in a happy era, and all of us should study harder and carry forward May Fourth Spirit well, so as to fulfill the duties of the times,” said Li Hui, a freshman from the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.
(Translated by Song Dan, Chen Meijun)