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HNUST Work Selected into National Fine Arts Exhibition of 12th China Art Festival

Publishing time:2019-05-21 viewer:

A watercolor painting of Yang Wei, a young teacher of the School of Arts from HNUST was selected into the 12th China Art Festival national arts exhibition, which will be exhibited on May 20 in the China Art Museum, Shanghai, according to the official website of China Art Festival.
As an art event of the top ranking and the most influential national culture and art pageant in China, China Art Festival has not only been devoting to displaying China’s achievements of cultural and artistic undertakings, but promoting the reform and opening-up, and social development since its establishment in 1987. With the theme of “Chasing the New Era-A Show for China’s National Day and for the People”, the 12th China Art Festival will show the fruits of cultural and artistic creations and the spiritual outlook of the writers and artists in recent years with a high-quality, beneficial, thrifty and sustainable event for the people. 
The 12th China Art Festival is co-sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People’s Republic of China and the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government. A total of 10 “Splendor Award” for brilliant repertoires, 10 “Splendor Performance Award” for outstanding artists, and 20 excellent works covering winners of the 18th Galaxy Award, national fine art, calligraphy and photography, were selected to be exhibited in the festival. It has also organized a series of cultural activities to benefit the people. Moreover, the exhibition has collected great artistic works of recent years through nomination and open competition, in which more than 610 pieces of artistic work will be displayed, including Chinese painting, oil painting, printmaking, sculpture and watercolor painting.
(Translated by Song Dan, Hu Pan)