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HNUST Holds the 11th Song of Youth Stories of Outstanding Students

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On the evening of May 17th, the 11thSong of Youth Stories of Outstanding Students, attended by Vice President Hu Shiqi, heads of relevant functional departments and nearly 1,000 students, was held in the South Campus Club where ten excellent youths shared their stories with the audience.
Depicting a Colorful Life in the Flower of Youth
Yang Jia from the School of Arts, driven by her love of dancing, has been practicing consistently for a dozen of years. Although Yang was accidentally injured during a long period of intensive training, she, inspired by her teachers and classmates, scored the championship of the group of colleges and universities in the National DanceSport Competition for College Students. During her three years of undergraduate study, Yang achieved fruitful results with her unremitting efforts: eight national, eleven provincial and seven school awards.
Liu Shuaijun from the School of Mathematics and Computational Science realized his dream of Quyi (Chinese folk art forms) step by step from backstage to stage. He believed that the real art stems from unremitting efforts, which also contributed to his impressive performance that attracted Hunan Quyi Association to promote Quyi culture in HNUST.He, as a communicator of Quyi culture in the new era, hopes that Quyi can take root on campus and flourish in the society.
Liu Chaoyue from the School of Architecture and Art Design participated in many competitions since she entered the university.Her team won more than 20 awards and participated in 7 social service projects since 2018.She expressed her gratitude to all the teachers and classmates for their help, and said that she would stay true to the original mission and forge ahead. The pre-admission notices of seven universities were a reward for her tireless efforts.
Zhang Min from the School of Education, as the president of Mujin Volunteer Teaching Club, always wanted to be a volunteer teacher.During her first summer vacation in university, she was deeply impressed by the poor volunteer teaching life in a remote primary school in Liuyang, Hunan Province. It was precisely because her love for education that Zhang Min achieved dedicated performance both in work of the club and in study, as a ten school awards owner.
Displaying Youth Style Toward the World
He Wei from Xiaoxiang College made his proudest choice of enlisting in the army after his college entrance examination. His excellent performance made him a special combat soldier who participated in a number of crucial tasks.After becoming an amanuensis and armorer, he guaranteed safety for more than 10 training sessions of detachments and was rated as an excellent soldier for his resolution and courage with high standards required in everything. He said, "I have no regrets about my youth because the military spirit will last forever!"
Gao Bin, a student from the School of Mechanical Engineering, once obtained four vocational skills certificates within just one month, while remained NO.1 in the annual comprehensive quality ranking. Through the strenuous efforts, he eventually obtained eleven vocational skills certificates in college and successfully passed the postgraduate examination of Hunan University.
Liu Yuanyuan, a student from the School of Business, participated in organizing various major academic conferences; planned on holding Business School’s First Office Skills Competition; received the provincial silver award of China College Students’ Entrepreneurship Competition, as well as several school-level awards. “keep pursing and keep achieving” is her life goal.
Building the Dream of Youth and Playing Songs of Advance
Wu Rui, a student from the School of Computer Science and Engineering, read more than 400 obscure professional books, completed course work with the standard required in graduation design, and memorized hundreds of English words every day. Eventually he received the admission notice for postgraduates from Zhejiang University through his strenuous efforts for four years.  
Ren Demin, a junior of the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering was the only undergraduate who could use the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance worth of 3 million CNY, and the first one who published ten SCI papers as the first author. “Never give up” was her belief and she spent almost all her extracurricular time in the laboratory over the last two years.
Wu Yurong, a student from the School of Humanities, lost her right arm in her childhood, but regardless of the setbacks and difficulties, she studied hard and received many awards during her college life. In addition, the broken angel was keen on public welfare such as caring for autistic students, insisting on voluntary teaching for more than 30 times, helping poor students and so on. “I hope I can pass the care and love received to others in need and warm them as much as possible” she said.
“We should learn from their shinning points-both their excellent performance in study and their admirable personalities-and strive to become better.” said Wang Junyi, a student from the School of Humanities.
This activity aims to search, discover, and publicize outstanding youths on campus, to gather youth strength, and to promote these role models for advancing socialism with Chinese characteristics, according to the organizer-the Youth League Committee of HNUST.
(Translated by Li Fei, Song Dan)