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Let’s Sing for Our Ideals

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On June 11th, the 10thSong of Ideal Stories of outstanding graduates was held in HNUST, attended by Vice President Hu Shiqi, heads of relevant functional departments and over 1,000 students. Ten excellent graduates shared their experiences with the audiences.
Breaking out of Cocoon into Butterfly
He Jinping, a graduate from theSchool of Resource & Environment and Safety Engineering, has made more efforts than others since the failure of her first final exam in university.  Later, she decided to take the postgraduate exam for self-improvement, which drove her to focus on study during the last summer vacation. Eventually she was admitted to Shaanxi Normal University. She said proudly, “After my four years of study, I have found my key to success--diligence.”
Liu Yue, a graduate from the School of Foreign Studies, shined all the way forward in her college years. When she was a freshman, she did very well both in study and dubbing work, winning many provincial-level awards. In her junior year, she decided to study further in a Hong Kong university, and applied for an internship in Thailand during the summer vacation. Finally, she got the decisive internship certificate and the offers from Hong Kong University and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.
Chen Lei, a graduate from the School of Chemical Engineering and Technology, had turned himself from a layman to a researcher of chemistry in college. He once spent more than 90 hours a week optimizing the dosage and temperature of reagents to develop a key material for circuit boards. Eventually he applied for 8 invention patents and signed a contract with a company to turn his inventions into products, whose sales exceeded 200 million CNY. Tough as the scientific research is, hard work always pays off!
Forging Ahead with Originality
Tan Kaidong, majoring in Urban and Rural Planning, actively took part in professional competitions and internships during his college years. He once published his independently-written papers on national journals, participated in the stage planning of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, got the chance to bean exchange student of National Pingtung University and finally got the letter of admission from Xiamen University. It was proud for him to develop his hometown and serve the community with his professional knowledge.
You Ting, majoring in Chinese Language and Literature, joined an official account named Yingping where she worked from typesetting group to writing group. In order to deeply understand the writing mode of new media, she followed over 20 official accounts to analyze and imitate their writing skills. Besides, she also read many books and had network classes to improve her writing skills. Now she is a responsible editor of an official account with more than 200,000 followers.
Cui Hao, a member of Graduate Men’s Basketball Team, led the team to defeat Hunan University of Technology in the finals. Apart from his physical achievements, Cui also worked hard as a student cadre for the Graduate School. In 2018, he organized student cadres of 18 colleges and universities in Hunan province to sign a self-discipline convention, which was very effective.
Exploring the Unknown to Make a Breakthrough
Liu Jiaran, a student from the School of Civil Engineering, made strenuous efforts for chasing her beloved profession and scientific research, and she was determined to be a scientific research talent for our country and people. Through unremitting efforts, she finally obtained the qualification to be a bachelor-to-be-doctorate student of Dalian University of Technology.
ZhangliangZiqin is a student from the School of Computer Science and Engineering. Since choosing this major, he had been working hard to study computer software and hardware, staying up late to write codes, and analyze algorithm. Meanwhile, he joined the mathematical modeling team and micro tech base, and started to participate in disciplinary competition. Finally, he was selected into the innovation and entrepreneur “Excellence Plan” of Hunan province through rounds of competitions.
Leng Xin, a student from the School of Physical Education, changed her major from Martial Arts to Track and Field. Facing the doubts from others, she then searched for the technique essentials on the Internet and practiced the technical moves over and over again, being awarded quite a few school, municipal and provincial level honors of excellent track and field judge.
Chen Zui, a student from the School of Business, got her first job as an after-sale assistant for a phone company, and his excellent performance helped him gain the position of the sale director for East India, and after that he was appointed to market manager in Dubai, where he found a huge business opportunity and started his own business in Dubai and Shenzhen with his partners. “The ability of integrating study and work could help us to grasp the opportunities.” Chen said.
(Translated by Chen Meijun, Shu Zizhao)