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Graduates’ Farewells to HNUST

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As graduation approaches, various graduation activities have been springing up.
Songs and Dances-Homage to Youth
The School of Computer Science and Engineering held a graduation party which had been planned for two months to make a farewell to HNUST.  “The final MV shooting has made a hit after nearly one-month efforts of the camera team.” said Chen Miaomiao, the grade counselor from the School.    
“This party is not only a gift for our school, but also a memory for graduates.” said Li Tiancai, one of the performers of the party. “The success of the party, gathering the painstaking efforts of participants, is the best consolation for us.” said the party director Wen Qijun.
Graduates from the School of Arts gave a performance after three-month elaborate and adequate preparation. In addition, a “Photo Wall” and a “Signature Wall” was arranged at the South Campus Club on the day of its show, which called attended teachers for their photos and signatures. “The “Signature Wall” was designed to express our attention to the party, as well as the respect and gratitude to teachers.” said Ou Ting, one of the directors.
Achievements-Contribution to HNUST
The School of Arts has held an excellent undergraduate works exhibition for three consecutive years. And this year, the selected 39 works, compiled and printed into an album with authors’ life photos, would be presented to the authors in the opening ceremony of the exhibition which would last for a week. “It’s of great significance for the school and graduates.” said Zhao Xiangxue, Deputy Dean of the School of Arts.   
In the show of the Song of Ideal, ten outstanding graduates shared with audiences their treasured experience in study and life, which demonstrated their ambitions for the future.
The library also organized the exchange on learning experience in which ten excellent graduates were invited to share with over 100 students from each school their experience in reading, learning, postgraduate entrance examinations and internships as well.
Farewells—Embrace of the Future
 The School of Business held an Ideological Education conference for graduates of Party members on June 5th. “All party members present should bear in mind your identity any time, be pioneers in all industries and fields with high standards, and remain committed to social and national development”, said Fu Zaoxia, Deputy Party Secretary of the school.
Looking back to the past two years as an assistant teacher, Hu Dan, a graduate student majoring Chinese Language and Literature, was so touched by the students fromthe classshe had assisted. Those students arranged a feast in honor of Hu’s company, after which she would leave the familiar campus. She also sent her sincere wish: “I hope that you will try your best for your purest dream at your best age”.
The graduates will leave the campus from June 22th in succession. From June 20th to 22nd, the Recruitment and Employment Office will send students to Xiangtanbei Railway Station and Xiangtan Railway Station with two school buses. “Just four years ago, school buses picked them up from the two stations. That makes graduates feel warmer and more memorable”, said Tong Shuming, a teacher from the Office.
(Translated by Song Dan, Liu Xin)