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“Renowned Overseas Teacher” Keith Newlin Gives an Academic Lecture

Publishing time:2019-12-20 viewer:


On the afternoon of December 9th, the ceremony of AwardingProfessor Keith Newlin from University of North Carolina Wilmington“Renowned Overseas Teacher” was held in Conference Room 101, Foreign Studies Building. Party Secretary Zhou Qiqiang, Dean Zhang Jinghua, and Vice Dean Lv Aijing of the School of Foreign Studies attended this ceremony.

Mr. Zhang presented Professor Newlin with the engagement letter, extended sincere greetings and highly affirmed Professor Newlin's academic achievements and personality charm. Professor Newlin said in his speech that he would make greater contributions to HNUST’s teaching, scientific research and cultural exchanges between China and the West.
After the ceremony, Professor Newlin gave a lecture on "What is Literary Realism" for the teachers and students.
At the end of the lecture, Professor Newlin interacted with the teachers and students to answer the difficult points in the lecture. Students believed that the lecture not only broadened their horizon of literature research, but also laid a foundation for their future academic research.
(Translated by Jiang Xiaofeng)