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The 1st Session of the 4th HNUST Faculty & Labour Union Congress Grandly Held

Publishing time:2019-12-24 viewer:

On December 14th, the opening ceremony of the 1st Session of the 4th HNUST Faculty & Labour Union Congresswas grandly held in Lide Building. Wang Changhua, Vice Chairman of Hunan Education Labour Union, attended the congress, and all school leaders, official representatives, specially invited delegates and nonvoting delegates attended the opening ceremony.
At 8:30 a.m., President Zhu Chuanqu presided over the preparatory meeting of the congress attended by all the official representatives.
At the meeting, Liu Deshun, Secretary of Party Committee of HNUST, put forward three requirements. The first one is to gather broad ideological consensus, which is of great significance for HNUST to set a new starting point for further development, to implement the fundamental task of strengthening moral education and to promote the construction of  a "Double First-class" and distinctive high-level comprehensive university. The second one is to keep our lofty duties and missions in mind. Every representative, responsible for the faculty and students of HNUST, must fully exercise their rights, and effectively guide the wisdom and strength of the faculty and staff to education. The third one is to adhere to strict disciplinary requirements. Every representative must perform their own duties with a high sense of political responsibility and mission, actively providing advice and maintaining the overall development of HNUST.
At the preparatory meeting, Vice President Liu Youjin made a Preparatory Work Report, and Executive Vice Minister of the Party Committee Organization Department Liu Longzhou made a Review of Representative Qualifications. The meeting   also unanimously adopted the proposed list of the presidium, the secretary-general and the deputy secretary-general of the session. In addition, the agenda of the session and the selection scheme for members of the special working committee of theTwo-representative Assembly (draft) were adopted as well.
At 9:10 a.m., the 1st session was presided over by Liu Deshui and attended by all official representatives, specially invited delegates, and nonvoting delegates.
Zhu Chuanqu made a work report entitled Gathering Strength and Overcoming Difficulties to Speed up HNUST's ‘Double First-class’ and High-Quality Development. The report stated that in 2019, under the correct leadership of the Hunan Provincial Party Committee and the Hunan Provincial Government, with the joint efforts of entire school faculty, staff and students, instructed by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era,led by the party's political construction, HNUST taking the opportunity of  celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China and HNUST, has made new achievements in all aspects. In addition, Zhu briefly went through the university’s work in 2019 from four aspects: Party construction driving school development, enhancing “Double First-class” construction, improving education capability and increasing HNUSTers’ sense of happiness. In addition, He emphasized that the university’s work in 2020 should be planned and conducted well with the aim of promoting HNUST’s first-class disciplines, undergraduate education and management systems.
Liu Youjin delivered his work report titled Build an Advanced Comprehensive University with Honesty and Innovation, which reviewed the last 4 years’ achievements of Labor Union and sketched out the main tasks for future work.
On the event, Vice President Liao Xiangyue gave a Financial Work Report, Vice President Li Lin Implementation Measures for HNUST Merit Pay (Draft), Peng Qinghua Labor Union Expense Audit Report and Liu Jie Proposals Work Report.
In the afternoon, delegations discussed the reports and election methods (draft) respectively at the sub-meeting. Afterwards, Zhu hosted the 2nd Presidium Meeting.
It’s reported that the 1st Presidium Meeting was held on the afternoon of 13th.
(Translated by Zhou Yao and Lu Ziyao)