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Prepare Well, Embrace the New Year

Publishing time:2014-02-25 viewer:


        The upcoming new semester is no picnic to everyone. While the plum flowers are blossoming, students are busy preparing for the new year.
  On the road, some students are carrying new books back to their dormitories; in the classroom, a group of students preparing for the NETEM, are trying their best to take an ideal seat for the new “Long March” in study. And slogans and piles of books on the desks reveal their morale and ambition for the coming year.

  In Room 623 of the 16th Student Apartment at the 8th District, four girls, after enjoying their hometown snacks, begin to have a cleanup of their dormitory-the most urgent matter to deal with after returning to campus. In a moment, they begin to concentrate their minds on study, showing new goals for the new semester. Fu Cailin, a freshman of School of Management, sets her mind to learn Japanese, and to win Computer Certificate II.