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New HSK First Held in HNUST

Publishing time:2017-12-15 viewer:

On Dec. 3rd, the new HSK paper-based test was held successfully in HNUST for the first time .Nearly 20 foreign students from HNUST and neighboring universities participated in the test in Room 101 and Room 107 in the School of International Education.
Highly emphasized by school leaders, each aspect of the test was fully prepared and elaborately arranged under the rules and regulations of Hanban to ensure its success, including examination center application, publicity and organization, materials acceptation, testing work training, examination implementation, etc. The whole process of the test was under the guidance and supervision of Dean Zhang Ruihong and Party Secretary Wang Jing of the School of International Education. After the test, answer sheets and test papers, according to requirements of Hanban, were properly kept to guarantee their safety and confidentiality.
The new HSK is an international standardized exam that tests and rates Chinese language proficiency, which assesses non-native Chinese speakers’ abilities to use Chinese in their daily life, academic and professional fields. For international students in China, the new HSK is an assessment standard of Chinese proficiency level and an obligatory test during their study period, as well as a basic requirement to get a degree.
HNUST has been the only HSK test center in Xiangtan City since the approval to conduct it in September this year. It marks a new level achieved by HNUST in the education of international students, especially in management and teaching Chinese as a foreign language, and definitely promotes the development of HNUST in this field via offering such a national Chinese test platform to all foreigners in Xiangtan. In recent years, the reputation and social influence of HNUST in international education have been enhanced increasingly, bringing it a steady international student source. Currently, HNUST enjoys an enrollment of 122 international students, including doctoral students, postgraduates, undergraduates and language learning students.
This HSK was held in HNUST for the first time. Hereafter, at least two HSK will be held annually in HNUST, aiming to stir up international students’ enthusiasm in Chinese study and improve their Chinese level, attract more international students from other universities to take HSK here and make it more convenient for international students and foreigners in surrounding areas to take this exam.
(Translated by Dai Li, Yu Ling)